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Do you struggle with your storytelling ?

  • Is explaining what you do complicated?
  • Are you too busy changing the world to take care of your communication?
  • Do you have plenty of ideas for what to publish on social media but are missing the means to produce it?
  • Do you feel like your website doesn't fully represent what you stand for?
  • Do you need a video or a podcast to tell your story, or to document a special event?

Hold on and let us help you,
so you can prosper and inspire others.

3 steps to meaningful communication

Finding a sense of clarity

We know that finding the right words to talk about what you do is a difficult exercise. Luckily, we are here to help you slow down, take a step back and remember why you got started. Once you can clearly define your core motivation, your message flows naturally out of it.

Aligning your communication to your core motivation

Clarity in itself cannot stand alone. Your core motivation must be conveyed to your audience and we do so through storytelling. We listen closely to your journey, we collect your anecdotes and we extract your nectar. We boil it down to one authentic narrative that is a clear reflection of what you stand for.

Gaining visibility without creating noise

We believe that authenticity is the only way to compete in an already saturated digital world. Meaningful content published at the right time and on the right channel will always win against loud and pushy ads.

Our services

Telling your story also requires choosing the right medium. We have experience in video production, photography, podcast creation, web development and social media. We will work with one or a combination of them to create compelling stories to inform, inspire and engage specific communities.

Who we are

We founded Slow Bee Studio on the basis that marketing can, and should be, reshaped into a conscious tool, enabling people working for a more sustainable world to get the visibility they need to prosper. It was an inevitable collaboration between us because apart from being partners in life, we were also standing at a crossroads - one where we could choose to contribute to a system driven only by money and mindless progress, or slow down and work together in a clear and meaningful direction. We chose the second.

Chloé Trieu

Chloé Trieu

Digital Storyteller

Ex-multimedia journalist who got sick of fast news and decided to slow down and focus on storytelling and sustainability. As a digital storyteller, my strength lies in concept creation, ideation and interview. At Slow Bee Studio, I am in charge of the project management and content marketing.

Sebastia Niepoort

Sebastian Niepoort

Videographer and Photographer

Ex-web developer who suddenly realized that there is a whole world passing by outside the computer screen. I do still dabble with websites when it is relevant, but my focus now lies in capturing real stories through visual media. At Slow Bee Studio, I am the camera nerd behind your story.

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